An unknown assailant fired three gunshots into a Metro bus at a stop near Fort Dupont Park in Southeast Washington at about dawn Sunday morning, wounding a Prince George’s County man in the left hand and right arm, transit authorities said.

The victim was taken from the scene at 37th Street near Ely Place to Prince George’s County Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said. The shooter escaped.

“We are currently interviewing both the victim and the person he was with, as well as reviewing camera footage from onboard the bus as the investigation continues,” Stessel said. “At this point it is unclear whether the shooter knew either one of these passengers on the bus, but that is something we are looking into.”

Stessel did not identify the victim. The U-6 bus was just pulling away from the stop shortly before 6:30 a.m. Sunday when a man who had declined to board the bus pointed a gun at the last panel of the bus’s right, or curbside, window, firing three times at near-point blank range, Stessel said.