The baby Jesus stolen from a Fredericksburg Nativity scene last week was recovered by police. (Fredericksburg police)

Update: WTOP reports that Amanda Crelia, 25, of Spotsylvania was arrested Wednesday morning for her alleged role in the theft of the figure from the shopping center.

A week after a baby Jesus figurine was stolen from a Nativity scene in Fredericksburg, police are investigating reports that two more statues disappeared over the weekend.

According to the Free Lance-Star, one baby Jesus statue was reportedly stolen either late Friday night or early Saturday morning from the Nativity scene at the main entrance to the Southpoint II shopping center, located off U.S. 1 in Spotsylvania County.

Nothing else appeared to be missing from the display.

The other baby Jesus statue was reportedly swiped from a Nativity scene near Trivett’s Furniture, located off Virginia State Route 3 in Spotsylvania.

These incidents are part of an apparent spree of baby Jesus statue swipings. Another figurine disappeared last Tuesday outside a Fredericksburg shopping center.

The statue was recovered Thursday after a woman uploaded a picture of it to her Facebook page, Fredericksburg police said.

A “concerned citizen” reported the image to investigators, who traced the Facebook page to a home “where the Baby Jesus was found.”