Electrocuted snake.

The black snake measured between three to four feet long and apparently entered the substation through “very small openings,” Pepco officials said. They believe it was looking for a cool spot on the warm, sunny day.

Electrocuted snake.


Pictures sent from Pepco to the Post show blood on the walls of the substation and the remains of the snake.

Pepco said it does not have a “snake abatement program” and typically doesn’t have a “widespread problem” with snakes. (Readers had asked.)

In an emailed response, Clay Anderson, a spokesman for the utility, wrote “Pepco wants your readers to know that we do not try to harm any animals during the distribution of electricity to our customers.

“While the loss of the snake was unfortunate, it did in fact disrupt electric service to almost 7,000 of our customers in Prince George’s County.”