The TV news reports were dramatic Wednesday morning: A driver had to be rescued after her car plunged 200 feet off a cliff near the George Washington Parkway and landed in the Potomac River. Amazingly, she suffered only minor injuries.

It was a gripping story — but also not accurate, according to a U.S. Park Police spokesman.

A driver was involved in a multiple-car crash on northbound George Washington Parkway around 1 a.m., but the person’s car rolled down a steep embankment — not off a cliff — following the accident, said Sgt. David Schlosser.

The driver’s car never splashed down in the river, according to Schlosser, but it did end up in a wooded area. The person managed to climb back up the embankment to safety, Schlosser said. The driver’s condition was not known.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation, Schlosser said.