U.S. Park Police are searching for an Acura believed to have struck and killed a woman as she tried to cross Suitland Parkway in the Temple Hills area earlier this month, authorities said Monday.

Police said the Acura was traveling west on the Suitland Parkway at Naylor Road when it struck and killed 27-year-old Ebony Tenise Johnson just after midnight on Sept. 10. Johnson, police said, was trying to cross the intersection from the northwest corner of Naylor Road.

Police said the Acura, a 3.5 RL, is metallic black in color; its paint job, they said, is technically described as “new black pearl” or “flamenco black pearl metallic.” They said the Acura would be missing a passenger side mirror and a head light lens and cover, and it would have damage on its right front side.

Anyone with information is asked to call U.S. Park Police at 202-610-8737.