U.S. Park Police are searching for two suspects in a Feb.18 robbery near Dupont Circle.

U.S. Park Police said the female suspect may have used a stolen credit card to make purchases at Dupont Circle stores. (U.S. Park Police/Courtesy photo)

Near 6 a.m. in a park near 20th Street and Connecticut Avenue NW, police said the male suspect struck the victim in the head with a fake handgun. The female suspect took the victim’s credit card and used it at several Dupont Circle stores. She may have bought food, gift cards and cell phones, a press release said.

The female suspect may have driven a white, 2-door Mitsubishi Eclipse, police said.

The female suspect has brown hair with highlights, according to the press release, while the male suspect was described as muscular and about six feet tall.

The female suspect may have driven a white Mitsubishi Eclipse, U.S. Park Police said. (U.S. Park Police/Courtesy photo)