A 52-year-old Silver Spring man faces up to 40 years in prison after being convicted late Tuesday of attempted murder for stabbing a Metro bus driver who confronted him about masturbating aboard the bus.

The Montgomery County jury also convicted him of second-degree assault for an altercation with the driver’s girlfriend.

Victor Mceachin. (Montgomery Co. Police/Courtesy photo)

While the bus was stopped at a station in Silver Spring, a passenger approached the driver to report that another passenger was “inappropriately touching himself,” according to police. The driver asked his girlfriend, also on the bus, to see if this was true.

“When she walked to the rear of the bus, she observed Mceachin quickly pull his shirt down over his groin,” detectives wrote in arrest records. “She thought this was consistent with the subject masturbating in public.”

The woman reported back to the driver, who walked back and told Mceachin he needed to respect other riders. The driver returned to his seat and headed for Wheaton.

A short time later, Mceachin approached the driver.

“I thought maybe you wanted to jump in front of it and see it,” he said, among other outbursts, according to the arrest papers.

Around midnight, after reaching the Wheaton station, the driver, his girlfriend, other passengers and the suspect all got out. Mceachin then charged the driver, and fought with the driver’s girlfriend who tried to intervene, according to prosecutors.

Mceachin threw a punch at the driver, starting a fistfight in which he also stabbed the driver in the abdomen, according to police.

“And now what? … I hope you [expletive] bleed to death,” Mceachin said before fleeing, according to police.

Officers picked up Mceachin nearby, searched him and found a knife. He admitted to stabbing the driver, but said it was in self-defense, according to court papers.

“We’re pleased the verdict. We think it’s appropriate considering the seriousness of the facts of the case,” said Assistant State’s attorney Jessica Zarrella, adding that Mceachin faces up to 30 years for the attempted second-degree murder conviction and up to 10 years for the second-degree assault conviction.

Mceachin’s lawyer, Ronald Gottlieb, declined to comment after the verdict.

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