Yonathan Melaku has been linked to shootings at the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico and D.C.-area military recruitment stations. He is pictured after his May arrest in Loudoun County, charged with four counts of grand larceny. (Associated Press/Courtesy of the Leesburg Police Department)

Yonathan Melaku, 22, of Alexandria, was arrested in connection with vehicle tampering in Leesburg, where approximately 27 cars parked on Glade Fern Terrace were damaged on May 26. Melaku was charged with four counts of grand larceny, according to authorities.

Less than one month later, he was arrested and charged in federal court with the series of overnight shootings of various military targets in Virginia.

The larceny charges have prevented the shooting case from moving forward, the Associated Press reported.

Melaku is scheduled for a plea hearing Monday in Loudoun County on the larceny charges.