A man broke into a rowhouse in Northwest Washington’s Shaw neighborhood and stole two laptop computers and a saxophone, among other items, while a woman slept upstairs, according to D.C. police.

Authorities said quick-responding officers had the fleeing suspect in handcuffs before the woman woke up. “She had no idea she had been burglarized,” said Officer Araz Alali, a police spokesman.

It all happened Tuesday about 12:30 Tuesday afternoon when police said someone pried open a ground-floor door and went into the house in the 500 block of R St. NW.

As the occupant slept upstairs, the man grabbed the computers and instrument, along with some pocket change, an iPhone and a wallet with identification and credit cards, Alali said.

An alert neighbor then called 911 to report a suspicious man darting through a back alley and jumping over a fence, wearing a black hooded jacket and blue jeans. He was carrying a dark colored backpack and a case. Alali said officers stopped the man in the 1600 block of New Jersey Ave. NW, about a block from the burglarized house.

“He perfectly fit the description,” Alali said, adding that officers traced the man’s route back to R Street and found the door that had been pried open. The spokesman said a photo of the inside of the targeted house was on the phone.

Police then awakened the still-sleeping woman and Alali said she identified other items found in the bag as hers.

Police charged Charles Proctor, 22, of Southeast, with first-degree burglary. A hearing in D.C. Superior Court had not yet been scheduled Wednesday morning.