Two men have been charged with robbery after they placed false advertisements for iPhones on Craigslist to lure their victims, Fairfax County Police said Friday.

Deshawn Derr, 25, of Alexandria, and David Ramsey, 39, have been charged with robbery and use of firearm, police said.

In one recent incident, a victim was robbed at gunpoint on June 17 in the parking lot of an Annandale restaurant around 11 p.m. The victim had responded to a Craigslist advertisement for “Jailbroken iPhones for Sale” and had arranged to purchase several. One of the men showed up for the meeting, displayed a gun, took the victim’s cash and fled in a navy blue, BMW with North Carolina tags, police said.

Police estimate a dozen such robberies have occurred over the past three months in the Fairfax area, and victims were robbed on average of $2,000 in cash, according to Fairfax County police department spokesperson Lucy Caldwell.

An investigation is continuing. and it is unclear if the two men charged are responsible for all the robberies reported, Caldwell said.

“When we see a trend such as this one, we would like to put out a reminder for people shopping online that when they meet up with strangers, it is advisable to take precautions,” Caldwell said.