Prince George’s County police on Wednesday identified the officers involved in last Thursday’s dramatic shootout with a suspect apparently high on PCP as Cpl. Jordan Swonger and Officers James E. Carpenter and Kenneth G. Tant.

Swonger was the first to encounter the suspect, 21-year-old Andrey T. McKoy, in the 4700 block of Lakeland Road in College Park after McKoy’s mother dialed 911 to say her son had smoked PCP and was armed, police said. Walking with his mother, McKoy pulled out a handgun and fired several shots at Swonger, who got out of his cruiser and returned fire, police said.

Police said some gunfire hit Swonger’s police cruiser, but neither he nor McKoy was hit. McKoy then got into a fist fight with Swonger, running from him and other officers after he dropped his gun, police said.

As he made his way toward Route 1, McKoy pulled what officers believed was another gun and “made a motion as if he were pulling a trigger,” police said. The device — which investigators would later discover was a lighter — produced a flash, and Carpenter and Tant fired their guns at McKoy, striking him several times, police said.

Still, McKoy did not stop, police said. He tried unsuccessfully to get in one police cruiser, then made off in another which had been left unlocked with the keys in the ignition, police said. Officers were eventually able to take him into custody after he crashed into a brick wall at a McDonald’s restaurant, police said.

McKoy, who is expected to survive his injuries, was charged with attempted second-degree murder of a police officer, first-degree assault and other offenses, police said. Swonger, a seven-year veteran; Carpenter, a five-year veteran; and Tant, who has been on the department for two years, have all been placed on paid administrative leave while internal affairs detectives probe the incident — normal procedure for officers involved in shootings.