Police have identified the man struck by a car and killed in the parking lot of a Hyattsville Home Depot Thursday as Fredys Castillo-Giron, authorities said.

Castillo-Giron, 41, of Hyattsville, was standing with several other people when a car leaving the Home Depot on East West Highway crashed into him and the group, authorities said. Castillo-Giron and five others were taken to the hospital, and Castillo-Giron later died, authorities said.

Police have said the driver of the car, a 79-year-old Hyattsville man, suffered some type of medical emergency and blacked out. He was also taken to the hospital, police have said. A passenger tried to grab hold of the steering wheel, and the car eventually smashed into a nearby brick wall, police have said.

Police declined to identify the driver of the car Friday, saying he had not been charged with any crimes.