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A Metro bus driver was stabbed near the Wheaton Metro station early Tuesday morning after what police are describing as an altercation with a passenger.

According to Montgomery County police, the 28-year-old driver had started his route at the Silver Spring Metro station when a passenger told him that a man, 52-year-old Victor McEachin, was masturbating in the back of the bus.

Victor McEachin, 52, of Silver Spring. (Montgomery County Police)

The driver then asked a female acquaintance to check on McEachin.

Starks said the woman, 26, reported that McEachin was not exposing himself, but that he was adjusting his shirt as though he were trying to cover himself up.

As the bus approached the Wheaton Metro station, McEachin reportedly walked to the front of the bus and “started an altercation,” Starks said, approaching the bus driver and speaking loudly.

At the Wheaton Metro stop, McEachin, the woman and several other passengers got off the bus, but police said McEachin turned around and charged at the bus driver.

According to the report, the woman placed herself in between McEachin and the driver. Police said McEachin then tried to punch the woman, but she blocked him with her arm.

Starks said that the attempted attack on the woman prompted the driver to get off the bus and intervene.

The two men fought and, after the suspect fled the scene, the bus driver realized he had been stabbed, Starks said.

Police caught up with McEachin nearby, at University Boulevard West and Amherst Avenue, and took him into custody. When police searched him, they found a knife and a substance believed to be marijuana.

McEachin has been charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault and possession of marijuana.

The bus driver, whose name was not released, was transported to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries to his abdomen and left arm.