A Virginia man was arrested this week when police found more than 100 marijuana plants growing in the basement of his Culpeper County home.

Police raided the home of 47-year-old James P. Berry after receiving a tip in June that someone was growing marijuana inside the residence, according to the NBC affiliate in Charlottesville .

When detectives initially approached the home, they smelled the odor of “green” marijuana, police said. They obtained a search warrant and returned to the house on Wednesday.

Inside, police reportedly found about $300,000 worth of marijuana and a pot-growing operation in the basement, which was separated from the house’s main level by a trap door.

In addition to the 100 or so plants, police seized about 20 pounds of dried marijuana, $1,500 in cash, an electric generator and a wide-screen television.

Culpeper Police Chief Chris Jenkins told reporters that Berry’s set-up was the largest marijuana-growing operation ever discovered in the rural county.

Berry has been charged with felony possession with intent to distribute more than five pounds of marijuana and with manufacturing marijuana not for personal use.