Andre T. McKoy (Pr. George's police)

Officers shot Andre T. McKoy several times, Prince George’s County Assistant Police Chief Kevin Davis said at a Friday morning news conference at the department’s headquarters.

Davis did not detail McKoy’s condition, but said he is in “bad shape” after sustaining gunshot wounds.

Police said McKoy’s mother called 911 about 10:20 p.m. Thursday to report that her son was high on PCP, acting erratically and had a gun.

“It’s my son,” a woman identifying herself as McKoy’s mother said on a recording of the 911 call released by police. “I think he’s smoked some PCP, and he’s worried somebody’s after him, and he’s in here and we have children in the house and I don’t like — I don’t like the way he’s acting.”

When an officer arrived, police said, McKoy exited the house in the 4700 block of Lakeland Road pointing a gun at his mother.

McKoy then fired at the officer and the officer returned fire, according to Davis. Then McKoy ran.

The officer was soon joined by two others. An attempt to subdue McKoy using a Taser was unsuccessful, Davis said; McKoy did drop his gun and continued running. When he appeared to be pulling something from a pants pocket, Davis said, the officers fired again, hitting McKoy.

McKoy then attempted to get into a police car but could not. He found a second patrol car unlocked with the keys in the ignition, Davis said, and managed to drive a short distance before crashing into a wall at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant.

Officers then subdued him, Davis said.

No police officers were wounded in the incident. Police said that the officers who fired at McKoy have been placed on administrative leave during the investigation of the incident, as is customary.

In an afternoon tweet, a county police spokeswoman said McKoy was charged with attempted second-degree murder of a police officer, assault and other offenses.

Maggie Fazeli Fard contributed to this report.

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