The D.C. police have started to implement an arbitrator’s August ruling on Chief Cathy L. Lanier’s All Hands on Deck initiative, a department spokeswoman said Tuesday.

The city’s Public Relations Board last month upheld a 2009 decision that the intiative — which changes officers’ schedules so that nearly all personnel are deployed in neighborhoods on designated weekends — broke provisions of the police officers’contract.

In particular, the board said, the ruling broke a provision against changing work schedules without entering negotiations.

On Tuesday, department spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump said the police have “begun the of implementing the arbitrator’s award, identifying those members who worked outside their tours of duty for the two 2009 AHODs that had occurred at the time of the arbitration and will pay them an additional half-time pay for all hours worked outside their regular tours of duty on those dates.”

The city’s police union, meanwhile, on Tuesday filed court papers demanding overtime and penalty pay “that will include three days of overtime and penalty pay to each officer for each scheduled AHOD deployment.”

The union claims the payments amount to a “mult-million dollar debt.” Crump said the payments will be far less.