The romance continues. After a brief separation, Kermit, a domestic pot belly pig who has been on the loose in the Linthicum area was happily reunited with his female partner, Miss Piggy, at the Anne Arundel County Animal control Wednesday.

“As soon as he saw her he made a beeline for her,” said Robin Small, the administrator at Anne Arundel County Animal Control. The pigs were going to be kept separate at first, she said, but now they can’t keep them apart.

(Courtesy of Anne Arundel County)

The two pigs were first spotted in Linthicum early in September, but how they got there remains a mystery. Small suspects their owners decided they didn’t want them anymore and just let them go.

Miss Piggy, who was named by animal control staff and weighs 25 pounds, was captured Sept. 22. Animal control and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources officers worked together to catch her using nets.

Her buddy, Kermit, (also named by Animal Control) was tranquilized Wednesday. He had been spotted close to roads, and officials worried he would wander into traffic, Small said.

The pigs, who are generally social creatures, are scared, Small said. But she thinks they’ll be ok.

“We think they’ll come around quickly so they’ll become well adjusted pigs,” she said.

Miss Piggy is already showing signs of improvement. “She’s starting to wag her tail when we come into the room,” Small said.

Animal control is currently working with the Pig Placement Network, a pet pig rescue and adoption agency, to find a home for the two runaways. They already have one local applicant who would like to open their home.