A man accused of killing three people last year in Manassas has been ordered to receive in-patient treatment at a local hospital until he is ready to stand trial, according to an order signed by a Prince William County Circuit Court judge.

Judge Richard Potter’s order says that Jose Oswaldo Reyes-Alfaro, 38, should be “treated to restore competency.” While the order does not specify his condition, court records reflect that mental health evaluations had been completed in recent weeks.

Reyes-Alfaro is accused of murdering an ex-girlfriend and two other people.

Police say that Reyes-Alfaro, who was in the country illegally, was armed with a .38-caliber revolver when he went to a Hood Road townhouse he shared with Brenda Ashcraft, 56, on a Friday evening in February 2011. After fatally shooting Ashcraft’s son and wounding two other family members, including a teenage girl, he shot Ashcraft in the head as she tried to dial 911, police said.

Reyes-Alfaro then went to a house just blocks away and used the last bullet in the revolver to kill his friend Julio Cesar Ulloa, 48, court records say. Using a large knife or machete, he cut Ulloa’s landlady in the head, the records say. Ulloa’s landlady is in her 70s.

Reyes-Alfaro’s trial is scheduled to begin March 11, but Potter would have to rule him competent before proceedings can continue.

Edward Ungvarsky, Reyes-Alfaro’s attorney, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.