Prince William County police plan to create an educational program for teen drivers after another Battlefield High School student was killed while driving on county roads.

Police said the program will be specifically for Battlefield students and their parents. Some of the topics covered will include speeding, drinking and driving, passenger safety and seatbelt use, police spokeswoman Kim Chinn said.

The program was initiated after a car crash Tuesday on Logmill Road killed Battlefield student Kendra Kaeleen Tucker and injured four others.

Last year, three other Battlefield students were killed in two separate accidents on Logmill Road.

“Because of the frequency [in accidents], we felt like we had to do something,” Chinn said. “Teenagers do dangerous things and drive dangerously because part of being a teenager is they think they aren’t going to die.”

Chinn said the department will work with the schools to determine the dates and times for the program. Police officials said they hope to expand the program to more schools next year.

County officials said they have had several complaints about the road and just received funding from the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program to essentially flatten out a portion of Logmill near Parnell Court. County officials said this action has nothing to do with the recent accident and is not near the crash scene.

County supervisors are scheduled to authorize an agreement with the Virginia Department of Transportation next month to begin the project. Transportation officials said they expect it to be completed by November 2012.