Prosecutors in the trial of five men charged with murder for their alleged roles in a string of deadly shootings in March 2010 rested their case Tuesday.

They rested after about six weeks of testimony from approximately 100 witnesses and the introduction of thousands of exhibits.

Defense attorneys for the five men — Sanquan Carter, 21; his brother Orlando, 22; Jeffrey Best, 23; Robert Bost, 23; and Lamar Williams, 23 — quickly began calling witnesses for their case.

All five men face charges of first-degree murder and, if convicted, life in prison. The shootings left five people dead over about a week.

A sixth man, Nathaniel Simms, 28, admitted to a role in the shootings, pleading guilty to five counts of second-degree murder and agreeing to cooperate with authorities.

The D.C. Superior Court jury could begin deliberations next week.

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