A gun or guns were fired at a District Heights home Thursday morning after the FBI went there to serve a search warrent, authorities said.

According to Shayne Stein, a special agent at the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office, the incident occurred about 6:30 a.m. at a home in the 6700 block of Kipling Parkway.

An FBI SWAT team from the Baltimore office was helping execute the warrant, obtained by agents at the Washington Field Office, and was at the door of the home when the shooting took place, according to Stein.

A woman, apparently an occupant of the home, was injured, though Stein said that injury was related to a fall and not a gunshot, Stein said.

Specific circumstances of the shooting were unclear. Stein said she did not know how many agents fired shots or how many shots were fired.

Andrew Ames, spokesman for the FBI’s Washington Field Office, did not know whether any agents from his office were present at the house.

The nature of the warrant was also unclear Thursday morning.

ABC 7 is reporting This item has been updated.