After more than a month-long lull, police say rock-throwing vandals are back along a corridor near East Village Avenue in Montgomery Village.

Windshields on passing cars and windows and doors in homes in the area have been cracked or broken in what Montgomery County police said was a run of vandalism that surfaced Nov. 29 and 30 and then restarted Jan. 7 for a total of seven incidents. No injuries have been reported, said police, who suspect there may have been similar acts that were not reported. 

 The rock throwing has occurred between 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., according to police.     

The incidents that have been reported occurred on East Village Avenue near Welbeck Way, Warfield Road and Doubleland Road, the 8600 block of Holly Pond Place, the 19900 block of Drexel Hill Road and in the 8600 and 8700 blocks of Delcris Drive.

 Anyone who has information about the vandalism or a suspect may call the Montgomery County Police 6th District at 240-773-5700.