Updated: 12:38 p.m.

Jason Beatty, 30, of Pasadena, was charged with indecent exposure. (Courtesy of Anne Arundel County Police Department)

According to authorities, a 25-year-old woman who lives on Marydell Road near 219th Street looked out her window Friday evening and saw the man, 30-year-old Jason Beatty of Pasadena, standing near the street looking into her window.

Beatty was not fully clothed, the woman reported, and he engaged in a lewd act while looking at her, police said.

The woman called other adults who were at her house to the window to see what the man was doing.

Officers caught up with Beatty in the 7900 block of Outing Avenue around 6:09 p.m. According to officials, Beatty told the officers he was urinating and walking back to the school.

Police said there were no children in the vicinity of the school at the time.