An attempted armored truck robbery outside of a Northwest Washington CVS ended in gunfire, police said Wednesday.

Officers from the Fourth District were called to a CVS store in the 6500 block of Georgia Avenue shortly before 11 a.m., said District Commander Kim Chisley-Missouri. There was an “attempted robbery of the armored truck,” Chisley-Missouri said.

An employee of the armored car company exchanged fire with the would-be robbers, according to police, and a victim was in critical condition at an area hospital. It was not immediately clear who the victim was.

Police tape outside the CVS. (Theola Labbé-DeBose)

The store is at the corner of Van Buren Street across from a Safeway supermarket in a largely commercial corridor. It’s about five blocks north of the Fourth District police station.

The Garda brand truck was still parked outside the store hours later, and an evidence technician snapped photos of it and the bullet holes through the store’s front doors. Crime scene tape roped off the store and parking lot.

Chisley-Missouri said an attempted armor trucfk robbery of was a “very unusual crime” for the area — one she hadn’t seen in two years at the helm.

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