Lance Cpl. Philip Bushong (Family photo)

Michael Bushong, father of Lance Cpl. Philip M. Bushong, 23, who was fatally stabbed early Saturday by another Marine, said his son is remembered by family and friends as a young man who “lived life to the fullest every day.”

“He was always the center of attention wherever he went and people from all walks gravitated to him,” Michael Bushong said.

The family had declined to speak with reporters immediately after Bushong’s killing, which happened on 8th Street near The Ugly Mug bar and across the street from the Marine Barracks. Philip Bushong had once served there in the color guard for two years, but D.C. police said he was fatally stabbed another Marine, Michael Joseph Poth, 20, who is stationed there now.

Poth is being held on second-degree murder charges.

“Although difficult for me, I trust the justice system to process the perpetrator of this crime to the full extent of the law,” Michael Bushong’s statement said.

“The violent crime committed that took my son’s life was so pointless and too horrifying to imagine,” he said.