A former girls soccer coach at a Largo-area private school was convicted of five counts of child sexual abuse in connection with contact he had with a 16-year-old student, authorities said Friday.

Charles Vasser, 35, of Seat Pleasant, faces more than 100 years in prison at his Feb. 8 sentencing, and will have to register as a sex offender, authorities said. The former coach at Riverdale Baptist School was accused of having sexual contact with a 16-year-old from October 2008 through July 2009, authorities said. The 16-year-old, they said, was a student at the school and played on the soccer team.

Vasser was convicted after a bench trial — meaning a judge, not a jury decided his fate — earlier this week, prosecutors said. Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge Daneeka Varner Cotton presided at the trial and found Vasser guilty, prosecutors said.

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