A 31-year-old Southeast D.C. man was arrested Monday and charged with stabbing another man to death, authorities said.

Police say Terrance McNeal stabbed 58-year-old Charles L. Hicks, also of Southeast, in the 2600 block of Douglas Road SE on June 19.

Police found Hicks when they were called to the scene around 1:30 a.m. in June. An ambulance took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Before Monday’s arrest, a D.C. Superior Court judge signed an arrest warrant for McNeal, charging him with second-degree murder while armed.

Hicks was an Army veteran, having participated in Operation Desert Storm and the war in Iraq, said David Hicks, a brother. Charles Hicks was committed to the military, having joined the Army, left, and then reenlisted in the Army Reserves before heading to Iraq, his brother said.

But after coming back, Hicks wanted to leave the service and tried to receive psychological help for war-related trauma, his brother said.

“Charles did his best to try to deal with his problems,” David Hicks said. “He was done with the service. He wanted to get his life together.”

Just before he was stabbed, Charles Hicks had planned to go to a local veterans’hospital to start therapy, his brother said.

David Hicks said his family was notified last week that an arrest would come. He said he was relieved to hear the news.

“I have been through nightmares. I have never really had a nightmare before, but I have woken up crying. It has really tested us,” he said. “We were waiting to hear something, and I think that this probably does help close some wounds.”