Jurors in Flint, Mich. will hear opening statements in the first murder trial rising from a stabbing spree that killed or injured more than a dozen people in Michigan in 2010.

Elias Abuelazam is charged with killing three people in and around Flint that summer, but the trial centers on the death of one of them, 49-year-old Arnold Minor. Victims who survived knife attacks are expected to testify.

Police say Minor’s DNA was found in dried blood in Abuelazam’s SUV and in his luggage. The 35-year-old was captured at the Atlanta airport in August 2010 as he tried to flee to Israel, his native country.

Abuelazam, who once lived in Loudoun County, is suspected of stabbing two men in Leesburg and attacking a third with a hammer in 2010.

Opening statements and testimony start Tuesday. Prosecutors so far have not disclosed what motive might have been uncovered by police. Abuelazam might offer an insanity defense.