Former slugger Mark McGuire and New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman are among the individuals attorneys said are possible witnesses or names that will be heard by jurors in the Roger Clemens perjury trial.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers disclosed a group of possible witnesses and people whose names may be heard during the trial to potential jurors Wednesday.

Also mentioned by attorneys Wednesday:

• Jose Canseco, a former New York Yankee who has admitted to using steroids;

• Jorge Posada, a Yankee catcher and designated hitter; and

• former Sen. George Mitchell, who issued a report on steroid use in baseball in 2007.

• Barry Bonds, the superstar ex-slugger whose own trial ended earlier this year

• former Baltimore Orioles star Rafael Palmeiro

Several trainers and massage therapists who worked for major league clubs may also be called, perhaps to discuss Clemens’ physical condition during the time of his alleged use of steroids or Human Growth Hormone.