NORFOLK, Va. — Actor Corbin Bernsen’s breach of contract lawsuit against a Virginia Beach company is going to trial.

Jury selection began Wednesday morning in U.S. District Court in Norfolk.

Bernsen, well-known for his dramatic work in the blockbuster motion picture “Major League,” tells The Virginian-Pilot that his lawsuit isn’t about money. It’s about his reputation.

Bernsen’s lawsuit claims Innovative Legal Marketing, LLC cancelled his $1 million, five-year contract in June 2011. The company hired Bersen in 2009 to do promotional work.

A countersuit filed by the company claims Bernsen breached the contract. The countersuit says he discussed his premarital sex life and drug use publicly, disparaged lawyers in a TV sketch and was injured in a bar fight.

Bernsen’s lawsuit seeks $668,000. The company says he owes it $600,000.