Police have released a sketch of a man who tried to abduct a juvenile in Stafford County. (Stafford County Sheriff's Office)

According to authorities, the teenager was walking from one apartment to another in the Garrison Woods complex in Stafford, Va., on Oct. 25 when a man in a beige car began following her.

The girl told police that the man stopped the car and ordered her to get inside. When she refused, the driver told her he would make her get in. The victim ran away and the man yelled after her that he would be back to get her, police said.

Police said that there have been several other attempted abductions in nearby Spotsylvania County in recent weeks, but there is currently no evidence linking those attempts to the one in Stafford County.

Police said the man in the Stafford County attempt is described as light-skinned with short black hair that was spiked in the front. The man reportedly spoke with a slight accent and was driving a long, four-door, beige sedan with stock silver wheels and squeaky brakes, police reported.

Anyone who recognizes the man or has more information about the case can contact the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office at 54-654-4400.