Inside Prince William County Circuit Court Kevin Ricks looks back at his mother as she approaches the bench to tesitfy on his behalf on Oct. 28, 2010. (Tracy A Woodward)

Ricks, 51, was convicted last year in Prince William County of indecent liberties with a minor after Manassas City police discovered he was sexually involved with a former student of his at Osbourn High School.

He was held in jail there until federal authorities took custody of him and moved him to Alexandria to face federal charges connected to at least six boys he met as a teacher, camp counselor, and foreign exchange host. Authorities believe there are at least a dozen victims spanning Ricks’s three-decade career.

The move to a Tucson federal prison was unexpected, as Ricks had requested a specific facility in North Carolina that would have put him close to his elderly parents. Instead, the Federal Bureau of Prisons moved Ricks to Arizona. It is unclear why.

In May, Ricks was sentenced to 25 years in prison by a federal judge in the Eastern District of Virginia. According to the Bureau of Prisons, Ricks’s expected release date is set for Sept. 30, 2032, when Ricks would be 72 years old. Upon release, Ricks would remain under supervision and has been barred from having any contact with minors.

It is possible that Ricks could be back in the Washington region far sooner, however. A state’s attorney in Maryland has obtained indictments against Ricks for a series of alleged incidents in 2004 involving a German foreign exchange student whom Ricks hosted in his Federalsburg home. Jonathan Newell, state’s attorney for Caroline County, said he is pursuing a case against Ricks that could proceed later this year.

Newell would have to ask the federal government to send Ricks from Tucson to Maryland to face the local charges, but that could happen at any time and would not require Ricks to finish his federal sentence.