A teenager was killed during a possible attempted robbery in Temple Hills early Monday morning, and police have charged another teenager believed to be his shooter, authorities said.

The incident occurred just after midnight in the 5000 block of Temple Hills Road, authorities said. Police said 18-year-old Anthony Boatwright, of D.C., was walking with three others when the group came across another 18-year-old. According to those in Boatwright's group, the other 18-year-old tried to rob them, and a fight ensued, police said. At some point, police said, the other 18-year-old pulled a gun from his waistband and shot Boatwright.

Police said they are still probing all aspects of the encounter — including whether a robbery actually took place.

Sgt. Sonya Rorls, a Prince George's County police spokeswoman, said that others in the group were able to provide a description of the person they alleged robbed them, and officers quickly began canvassing the area to look for him. She said they found a suspect less than a half mile away from the shooting scene, and one of the people the in the group he fought with identified him as the shooter.

Police identified the suspect as 18-year-old Darrell Sales, of Fort Washington. He was charged with second-degree murder, police said.

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