DC Fire & EMS staff are pleased to accept your thank-you gifts, but they can’t accept booze.

That was message in a series of recent messages from the department’s official Twitter feed.

Read one message: “Recently beer was presented to our FFs @ E9 by thankful citizens — it was appreciated but alcohol is not permitted in our fire stations”

Then, a few hours later: “Thanks comes in many forms-a smile, wave, pat on the back, cookies, cupcakes or fruit platter wiil do-DC F&EMS will always be there for you”

And, finally: “DC F&EMS — Anytime, Anywhere, - We’ll Be There”

WTOP reported on the gift, which came from a grateful resident. According to a story by Mark Segraves, the station was taken out of service for alcohol testing as a result. The station’s personnel have since returned to duty.

The department’s Twitter feed was recently the source of some controversy. It was re-launched Thursday after briefly going dark following concern from top officials that sensitive information was being posted.

Amid pressure from members of the media and others, the Twitter was reestablished in part to head off concern that Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) was trying to quash the flow of emergency news updates.

The Twitter re-launched with a triumphant message: “We're baaack! ”