Karen Renee Toles, right, congratulates new Prince George’s County Council member Ingrid M. Turner in 2007. (Mark Gail/WASHINGTON POST)

In a mid-afternoon news conference outside her attorney’s Largo office, Toles apologized for the incident last month in which police said an officer spotted her speeding. But the embattled legislator walked hastily inside without taking any questions, even as reporters shouted them and cameras followed her.

At the news conference, Toles, flanked by her attorney, Rosalyn Pugh, asked that people “reserve judgment” on the incident for which she is now charged with reckless driving and again apologized.

“I take the charges pending against me very seriously,” Toles said. “I sincerely regret the events that have transpired.”

Wind whipping her hair, Toles then rushed back into her lawyer’s office building.

Police initially had charged Toles only with making an unsafe lane change and given her a warning for speeding in connection with the Feb. 22 incident. They noted that the officer had no radar gun to determine Toles’s exact speed, but sources said his cruiser camera showed him going as fast as 108 mph as he followed Toles.

On Tuesday, police reversed that decision and also charged Toles reckless driving — a more serious offense. A reckless driving conviction, which carries a six-point licence penalty, combined with her past traffic violations, could result in the suspension of her license.

Toles’ lawyer had invited reporters to the news conference.