Two District men were each sentenced to more than 10 years in prison on Tuesday for breaking into a Northwest D.C. board house and beating and tying up two of the home’s residents last year.

D.C. Superior Court Judge Michael Ryan sentenced James Walker, 34, to 19 years and eight months in prison and sentenced Anthony Richardson, 25, to 11 years and seven months.

Both men were convicted in May of kidnapping and other charges associated with the Nov. 20, 2011 attack. During the trial, prosecutors said Walker and Richardson, armed with a handgun, attacked a man in an alley outside a boarding house in the 600 block of Florida Avenue NW. The two men forced the victim inside the house, beat him, removed his pants and then tied his hands. As a female resident in the house tried calling police, the men then broke into her room and bound her as well.

When police arrived at the residents’ house, Walker untied the woman, ordered her to get into bed with him and to yell to the police officer to go away. When the officer refused to leave, Walker ordered his victim to go to the door and tell the officer to leave. Prosecutors said when the victim opened the door, she escaped.