FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — A Colonial Beach officer faces charges in Fredericksburg of assaulting a man during an argument over loud music.

Fredericksburg police tell media outlets that 31-year-old Kevin Murrell of Orange is accused of putting a 22-year-old man in a choke hold during the altercation. The man suffered a back injury.

The incident occurred last week at an apartment complex where Murrell’s girlfriend lives. Police say Murrell went to the apartment to drop off a child but the girlfriend wasn’t home. He put the child to bed and waited at the apartment.

Police say Murrell went to the 22-year-old man’s apartment upstairs and asked him to turn down music that was playing. The men argued and began fighting.

Murrell is charged with felonious assault. He obtained a warrant charging the 22-year-old man with misdemeanor assault and battery.