Montgomery County police are looking for two men who are suspected of stealing credit cards from elderly victims.

(Courtesy of Montgomery County Police)

Authorities said the thieves used the stolen credit cards at several gas stations and ATM’s in and around Wheaton Plaza. They also tried to use the credit cards of both victims to buy Target gift cards at the store at 11160 Viers Mill Road in Wheaton.

Authorities said an image of the men was captured on video surveillance in the Target. The suspects are black, about 40 to 55 years-old, between 6 foot and 6 foot 3 and about 200 to 250 pounds, police said. The men are balding or have close cut hair and little or no facial hair.

Police offered tips that will make people less vulnerable to this type of thefts. Police recommend that men avoid carrying their wallet in a back pocket and refrain from carrying large sums of money or several credit cards. For women, authorities recommend carrying a purse that does not open easily, and keeping it closed and in front of the body.