This bike rack in Columbia Heights was hit a few months ago and was fixed March 29. (Akeya Dickson/WASHINGTON POST)

UPDATE: John Lisle, a spokesman with the District Department of Transportation, informed The Daily Gripe Tuesday afternoon that the bike rack was removed and replaced March 29. For details about the Gripe, read on:

Jeff Zeeman, president of the North Columbia Heights Civic Association, told The Daily Gripe about an issue on Park Road in Northwest before one of the collective’s meetings on March 2.

“This bike rack was struck about five months ago and has been crooked ever since,” he said. “I don’t understand why it hasn’t been fixed.”

The bike rack, which is shown fixed here, is set in concrete and needed specialized equipment to be fixed.

“My girlfriend and her roommmates actually saw it happen. It was definitely a car and it just sputtered off afterwards,” the commenter said. “They called the police right away but no word on if the driver was caught. And I've no idea about any progress being made to fix it.”

We reached out to DDOT for answers the next day. John Lisle, a spokesman for the department, recently responded and said that a crew was sent out to look at the bike rack on March 25.

“They reported back that the racks appear to be set in concrete and will take some specialized equipment to remove,” he said. “They are still working on getting them removed.”

DDOT didn’t give us details about the cost, but said that the work was handled internally.

The bike rack sits in front of the Citibank on Park Road in NW. (Akeya Dickson/WASHINGTON POST)