A speed limit sign across the street from Fort Lincoln in NE has lost its bearings.

No, we didn’t forget to rotate the photo. This speed limit sign was hanging 180 degrees south of what it should be on Friday. It’s (now halfway) mounted to a pole on Bladensburg Road Northeast across the street from Fort Lincoln, just before the cross street of Earl Place. The sign appears to have somehow slipped from it’s fasteners.

We did a double-take and pulled over to capture the fallen sign. It’s unclear whether it was knocked down by a person or the elements, or fell on its own, but it definitely makes you look twice.

We submitted a query to the District Department of Transportation. John Lisle, a spokesman with the department, said that “it should be an easy fix.” We will keep you posted on when the situation — or the sign, as it were — is righted.


UPDATE: Before we knew it, DDOT was on the case and fastened the sign back correctly by Tuesday.

DDOT flipped the street sign back into place. (Akeya Dickson/WASHINGTON POST )