The pothole that has been plagueing bikers at the end of the Capital Crescent Trail under the Key Bridge near Georgetown isn’t a pothole at all.

Bikers say this trench on the Capital Crescent Trail near the Key Bridge has existed for “years.” (SeeClickFix)

“It’s a trench due to (a) persistent and neverending water leak which has through time cut through the street surface,” John Lisle, spokesman for the District Department of Transportation, told us in an e-mail. The situation has created a “less than friendly road surface for bicyclists.”

Daily Gripe readers and other bikers agree. Several complained the hole had punctured tires and continues to make the commute along the bike trail a tricky one. Others said the problem has existed for “years.”

Last week’s pothole inquiry, originally reported to DC 311, had been closed, but Lisle said the water leak is still being investigated. “We need to find the source of the water and stop it before we can fix the street.”

Lisle also noted that the trench possibly could be located on National Park Service property, “so we’re looking into that as well.”

Stay tuned.