Repairs on escalators at Union Station are projected to be completed in the fall. (Akeya Dickson)

Bottlenecking at the available Union Station escalator has drawn the ire of commuters having to wait for people to file on as other escalators undergo repairs.

Union Station itself sees more than 90,000 visitors daily. The Red line station — Metro’s busiest — sees 25,000 people boarding each weekday, according to Dan Stessel, Metro’s chief spokesman.

“Metro is investing more than $150 million on rehabilitating or replacing more than 150 escalators around the system,” he responded. “At Union Station, we have been working since last year to rehabilitate seven escalators to near-new conditions.”

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In addition to this work, the agency rehabilitated the station’s two elevators in 2010, according to Stessel.

“Due to Union Station’s configuration and passenger volume, taking an escalator out of service is, frankly, disruptive to our customers — and we appreciate their forbearance during this process,” he said. “To date, six of the seven escalators have been completed — and one remains behind plywood walls. We expect to complete the final escalator this fall.”

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