Amateur fireworks continue to go off almost a month after Independence Day. (

July is all but over, and I’m still hearing fireworks in my neighborhood. One of my editors called it “extended patriotism.” I’m figuring at this point we might as well take the remaining firecrackers and have a block party.

Mindy Burke of Kensington, Md,, is our featured commenter out of those people who chimed in per our previous fireworks post. Read on for her story.

“The fireworks started at least two weeks before the July 4th weekend and have continued at least one or two times a week since then,” she reported.

“My husband has called the non-emergency police line to report this, and each time we’ve been told that an officer will be sent out to investigate and will get back to us — which he/she hasn’t. We’ve told the police the street name and the exact address where the fireworks culprits live. Haven’t heard any since Saturday night, so hopefully they’ve stopped.”