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Snagging a parking space in the District can be something like an accomplishment. A metered space must be carefully tended to with rolls of quarters, while unmetered parking can make you want to take the Metro just so one doesn’t have to worry about finding another temporary home for their car.

Griper Alie, a resident in Northeast’s Brookland neighborhood, is starting to feel the frustration of parking meters encroaching on residential neighborhoods. And even though pay-by-phone parking has been introduced, extended hours have also expanded to other parts of the city.

“Why are there parking meters here? Now I can’t park within three blocks of my house, in Brookland, where street parking was plenty,” she says, referring to 12th Street between Otis and Perry streets. “Instead out-of-state people park in zone 5 parking and now I have to park far away. They even meter on weekends. Why? The only business on that block has their own parking lot.”

Housing businesses such as a Yes! Market and a PNC Bank branch, 12th Street in Northeast is “the retail corridor for Brookland,” said John Lisle, a spokesman for the District Department of Transportation. “We have meters along this corridor from Michigan Avenue to Monroe Street. The meters are in operation until 6:30 p.m.”