A Griper is frustrated with drivers turning off of Glebe Road toward Army Navy Country Club, which is pictured. (www.punchbowlgolf.com)

“I’m assuming the people are using this to get access to the Army Navy Country Club,” the Griper wrote in his complaint. “But at least at rush hour, using 19th Street would be a little safer.”

The commuter proposes that left turns from southbound Glebe Road onto 17th Road south be restricted during rush hour.

“Cars end up stacking into the intersection with Walter Reed or try[ing] to swerve out of the way of stopped cards,” the Griper said.  

Myllisa Kennedy, a spokesperson for the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services, said that the Arlington County Transportation Engineering & Operations Bureau will review the collision history at the intersection.

“If left turn-related collisions (which also include rear end and sideswipe collisions) are abnormally high, staff will forward the information to VDOT, as Glebe Road is a state road, to consider a new traffic or turning pattern in that area,” she said.

The Daily Gripe will check in in a few weeks and will update you on this issue.