This uprooted tree lies in Capitol Hill. (Alex Howard)

Potholes and overturned garbage cans were the least of some residents’ worries as Hurricane Irene ripped her way up the East coast this weekend. The following are just a few images of uprooted and felled trees submitted by gripers within the last 24 hours.

If you have more, plot a point on our map, e-mail them to or tweet them to us @TheDailyGripeWP. Also report fallen trees in public spaces to the District Department of Transportation by calling 311.

The small upside about these trees? They didn’t go through houses as some did.

Griper Alex Howard reported a tree wrenched from the sidewalk by the storm at 601 A St. NE in Capitol Hill. Howard also reported downed tree limbs between 547 and 599 C St. NE, also in Capitol Hill.

Downed limbs on C Street in northeast. (Alex Howard)

Fallen tree limb on Gallatin Street in Northwest. (Sean Wieland)

“Two limbs fell from a tree located in the tree box in the 1300 block of Hamilton St. NW. The tree damaged the fence at Hamilton Park at the alley and is partially blocking the sidewalk,” reported Wieland. “DPW and DDOT have already remove the portion that blocked the alley.”

Two limbs fell from a tree box in the 1300 block of Hamilton Street NW. (Sean Wieland)