Fireworks have been going off in local neighborhoods long after the Fourth of July. (

About two weeks after the actual Independence Day, I’m still being treated to amateur fireworks shows. Ever since the night of the 4th, I’ve periodically leapt up in my bed like a Jill-in-the-box, startled out of my sleep by firecrackers going off around the corner from my Northeast DC home.

Slightly irritating but not a big deal, ‘tis the season of BBQs and sparklers. Nearly two weeks later however, I don’t know if I should duck or if my neighborhood pyrotechnicians bought a month’s worth of bottle rockets and thunder bombs.

I realized that other residents might have the same gripe with next-door fireworks enthusiasts, which is curious considering most fireworks are illegal in much of the Washington metropolitan area. So I wanted to do a quick survey to see if you’re experiencing the same in your community.

Are you still hearing the snap, crackle, pop of of firecrackers in your neighborhood? Share your story in the comments, via e-mail ( or on Twitter and we’ll post the best ones in a follow-up.