Now that the city has bike lanes, should bikers be allowed on the sidewalks? (NIKKI KAHN/The Washington Post)

A griper says no. Cyclists using sidewalks on R Street in Northwest Washington are riding too fast and creating a safety hazard for pedestrians, according to the griper.

“It is dangerous for us all,” the griper says.

We reached out to D.C. Department of Transportation to find out who really owns the sidewalk. According to D.C. policy, bikers are allowed to travel along sidewalks as long as it isn’t within the Central Business District. (See map here.) And according to the map, 17th and R streets isn’t within the CBD.

“We certainly encourage cyclists to follow the laws and to always yield to pedestrians, regardless of where they are riding,” says John Lisle, spokesman to DDOT.

So we ask you, who do you think really owns the sidewalk? Are D.C. laws too lenient on cyclists? Take our poll and tell us what you think in the comments below.