Some residents aren't fans of soccer or other team sports being played in the revitalized Meridian Hill Park. (

Probably best known for it’s drum circle session, Meridian Hill Park is also popular for pick-up soccer games in the grassy areas at the top of the park...much to the chagrin of some residents.

“The park service has invested so much money and manpower over the past few years to return this long-tarnished jewel to its former glory,” Griper George Strausbough said. “It was not designated to be an athletic facility, yet team sports have reduced the upper-level lawns to dust bowls/mud pits, depending on the weather.”

The 12-acre national park sits on the corner of 16th and Euclid streets in Columbia Heights. It was rescued from violence and vandalism because of a storied partnership between the National Park Service and the Friends of Meridian Hill, a community organization.

Strausbough wonders if athletes can take their game time to designated athletic facilities within blocks of the park.

“What can be done to accommodate the soccer players while preserving the grassy areas and the original design of the park?” he asks.

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