Our griper doesn't understand why the seven-day bus pass doesn't last the full seven days. (Commuter Page)

Lisa noticed that her week-long Metro pass doesn’t last the full seven days.

“It lasts for seven days counting the first day of use as one whole day even if the first day of use is at 11 p.m.,” she reported. “Because the pass is not paper but electronic, it can be configured to last.”

Lisa suggests that the pass can be made to last 7 p.m. Monday to 7 p.m. the following Monday verses 7 p.m. Monday and expiring Sunday at midnight.

“You lose basically 19 hours of pass usage,” she said.

The $15 7-Day Regional Bus Pass replaced the Weekly Bus Pass, and is loaded onto a SmarTrip Card. (It’s $7 for the Senior/Disabled version).

Unlike the Weekly Bus Pass that was valid for a calendar week, when you load the new 7-Day Regional Bus Pass onto your SmarTrip Card, it’s activated the first time you use it and it’s valid for seven consecutive days,” according the WMATA’s Web site

We reached out to WMATA to see if they’ve heard this question before, and if they’d consider making the change. We’ll update you once we’re updated.

Should the seven-day bus pass be reconfigured? (WikiMedia Commons)